Quantitative Analysis of Cell Chimerism

Since 2005 the IHBT Laboratory of Cell Chimerism has been organizing an annual proficiency testing program in the field of quantitative analysis of cell chimerism after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT).

Participating laboratories receive 7 samples in the basic variant or 12 samples in the extended variant. Two of them are samples for the determination of the donor´s and recipient´s genotypes (informativity) and the other samples belong to the patient in various times after the allo-HSCT. When the microchimerism or mixed chimerism are detected, the laboratories should provide the quantification of the recipient´s genotype.

At the beginning of the year the interest of the laboratories making the determination of cell chimerism is identified. In March or April 7 or 12 DNA samples are sent for chimerism testing. DNA samples are isolated from peripheral blood and a table with the information about their concentrations is enclosed. Samples are marked as number/ identification of laboratory: 1P (patient before allo-HSCT), 2D (patient´s donor), 3TP - 7TP in basic variant (5 monitoring samples from the period after allo-HSCT) or 3TP – 12TP in extended variant (10 monitoring samples from the period after allo-HSCT).

The aims of proficiency testing are:

  1. To determine the informativity (to determine reference alleles) on the basis of the examination of DNA samples: the patient before allo-HSCT (sample 1P) and the patient´s donor of HSC (sample 2D).
  2. To determine chimerism status (complete/microchimerism/mixed) followed by a percentage evaluation of the portion of autologous genotype in DNA samples of the patient in periods after allo-HSCT on the basis of selected informative DNA polymorphisms and/or sex-specific loci.

The results are compared with the organizer and the expected values – evaluation: 1SD (excellent), 2SD (good), 3SD (acceptable), <3SD (critical). The result protocol includes a graphical representation comparing the results between the participant, the reference laboratory (the organizer) and the other laboratories. Certificate confirming the participation in proficiency testing is sent to the participant.

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