Detection of HLA Alleles Associated with Diseases

The Department of HLA of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (IHBT) organizes quality control “Detection of HLA alleles associated with the diseases” since 2010.

This quality control is included among the international proficiency testing programs of the European Federation for Immunogenetics.

We offer the following options:

  1. B*27 (association with Morbus Bechterev and other rheumatoid autoimmune diseases)
  2. Alleles of DQ loci alleles associated with coeliac disease (DQA1*02, *03, *051, DQB1*02, *03:02)
  3. DQB1*06:02 (association with narcolepsy)

Results obtained from laboratories are compared with the complete genotyping done by the organizer using standard operation procedures accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute and the European Federation for Immunogenetics. For successful attendance the participants have to be consistent with the organizer in ≥ 90% in genotyping HLA alleles and ≥ 90% in interpreting results in association to the disease. All results and their evaluation are summarized in a final report. Each laboratory receives a certificate of participation.

Guarantor: Ing. Milena Vraná

(NRL for DNA diagnostics ÚHKT, U Nemocnice 1, 128 20 Praha 2,


Anonymous DNA samples required for MPZ variants in sealed test tubes with the identification of DNA are sent to all participants who filled in the application form. Each tube contains 50 μl of DNA of given concentration. At the same time, an invoice for payment and an electronic form for recording the results are sent to the participants.

Information about the currently ongoing MPZ:

Dear colleagues,

as in previous years, this year we organize quality control “HLA association with diseases”. The organization for the variant “Alleles of DQ loci alleles associated with coeliac disease” is divided into two rounds.

The first round in the period April-June 2021 (5 samples), the second round in the period September-December 2021 (5 samples). According to your needs you can choose to participate in the first and/or the second one. The second round can also be used as a corrective option in case of a failure in the first round. Please note that after the second round no further corrective round is organized. In case of a failure in the second round you can participate in quality control testing in the spring of 2022. Thank you for your understanding. In your application form please check which version you choose.

Please note that the procedure for evaluating the results has changed and is described in the application form. Requirements for a correct interpretation of results according to the consensus of laboratories from February 16. 2015 are posted on the website in the External Proficiency Testing section, or can be sent on request. For the variants B*27 and DQB1*06: 02 the organization remains unchanged.

Please send a scan of your application form to before April 15, 2021.


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