Department of Immunohematology

The Department of Immunohematology is engaged in basic immunohematology testing of blood donors, as well as routine pretransfusion testing for patients of the IHBT Clinical Division, and certain tests are performed also for patients of pediatric hematology of the University Hospital in Motol.

In 2010 the Department of Immunohematology successfully passed an accreditation audit carried out by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) and acquired accreditation which in 2012 was broadened to include additional methods.

The department is divided into two parts:

For patients who have created antibodies, their specificity is determined, erythrocytes or, as the case may be, lymphocytes or thrombocytes are typed for the administration of the optimal blood product to these sensibilized individuals. Chimerism of erythrocytes after bone marrow transplantation is monitored, particularly in view of a timely detection of the recipient’s blood group change to the donor’s blood group for the administration of the correct blood product to these patients.

The Department of Immunohematology includes the Laboratory of HLA Serology.

The NRL for Immunohematology performs the most challenging immunohematological tests while addressing complicated cases of antibodies and antigens sent to the laboratory from the whole Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

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